Sunday 12 April 2015

Art Grant Image Gallery

Art Grant Image Gallery Below, are the 15 images which I submitted with my Canada Council for the Arts grant application on Dec 1, 2014. They appear in order, and when clicked, something known as a "lightbox slideshow" will launch, which displays the full-sized images, with an opaque overlay placed above the LOCALS ONLY blog in the background.

01) 2014 - My Vision - Locals Only 02) 2007 - Looking Neglected 03) 2012 - Record Low November 04) 2012 - Hammer And Chisel 05) 2012 - Prep Work 06) 2012 - Execution 07) 2012 - Lounge 08) 2012 - Mutual Consent 09) 2012 - Face The Wall 10) 2013 - Point Break 11) 2014 - Storm Surge Fury 12) 2014 - Crane Deployed 13) 2014 - The Crew 14) 2014 - Current State November 15) 2014 - Inspired - Heaven In The Clouds

Sunday 5 April 2015

Heaven In The Clouds

Sometimes, you're out there on the beach, building your art, and you get lucky enough to experience the spectacle of a magnificent sunset light-show, so you whip out the camera and take 3 or 4 photos to document the experience.  When one of those photos reveals a human face in the clouds, shining rays of light up into the top-right corner of the photo, that's more like winning the lottery twice.

Friday 3 April 2015


My identity is JohnPaul Adamovsky, a 33 year old Canadian aerospace-science engineer, expert computer programmer, conditioned athletic strongman, and full-time professional artist.  I am building an aquatic destination on the shores of Georgian Bay, by hand.  It is a work of art.  I have called it "LOCALS ONLY", both as a tribute to surfing subculture and also to pinpoint the source of my building materials.  It is my personal creative vision of paradise, and it shall stand as my contribution to existence, as such.  I have already devoted 5 years of my life to this project, and I will now use this blog to document my continued progress.